summer camp for dogs

Most people I know have never had anyone, other than family or a neighbor, look after their furry pals when a need arises. As their humans have been workers/commuters all of their existence, (at least in Dexter’s case) Dexter and Comet are accustomed to long periods of being by themselves. Most of our infrequent overnight travels in the last ten or eleven years have benefitted by one of our sons being able to house-sit. However, next week we have a situation that requires venturing into new territory.

With new concrete being poured in front and back of our home, there is no provision for dogs, or people to carry on business as usual while the cement is formed and left to set for 24 hours. (The last thing anyone wants is to have paw or foot prints, dirt or rock or scratches on something that will be permanently viewed for decades to come.) It was the first time I thought seriously about “doggie daycare”. Have any of you had an occasion to use the services of a business that caters to pets? I am aware that many of the big box retailers like PETSMART or PETCO have similar services, but since I was not impressed with their veterinary services, I also did not see anything very promising about their pet-sitting services.

All of which lead me to check out a nearby dog “camp”. I visited them this afternoon and was impressed – by the facilities and the charm of the place. At the front desk, the young woman explained when I visited that they have an interview process, before any boarding is accepted, to determine whether your fellows would be suitable in an environment with other dogs; and whether their clients and staff might be at any risk from overbearing or over-energetic, (or in my case, a Dexter and Comet duo). I am scheduled now to bring the guys to the interview – a several hour-long acclimatization period.

I assume that these folks would not have been in business many years if they were any less particular. Yelp gave them pretty high marks for service and affability. And I did like their application, and general instructions that I should bring snacks, comfort pillows and their usual dog food for the planned 2 and a half days – assuming we pass their muster. I’d better polish my shoes and brush them thoroughly before we go by.


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