a contented canine

As someone who has lived with seasonal allergies to pollens, as well as a chronic problem very late in life I learned was a food allergy, I should had recognized the signs in Comet. I had possibly considered that he had developed an allergy to the dog chow – IAMs – which I had been buying for the last several months. I had become concerned that a grain-free protein diet might have been harmful in the long-term, based on some articles I had read during the pandemic. I relaxed when the vet said food allergies in dogs were rare, while he has treated seasonal allergies. The vet prescribed 30 days of allergy medication.

Comet seems to be on the mend as I have not seen his nose dripping nor licking his paws since the night before his appointment. I am also watching to see if his loose stool improves with the allergy medication. We returned to feeding them the Taste of the Wild grain-free (a 14-pound bag at Petco was $28). I know there is a chance that changing his and Dexter’s dog chow back to the protein-rich and grain-free may complicate things, but I know they liked the brand they had eaten for a few years.

“What do dogs do on their day off?; Can’t lie around – that’s their job!”

George Carlin, via Goodreads

Later this month I will take Dexter in for his physical and vaccinations to send in his license renewal. And apparently, with Comet’s rabies vaccine expiring in 2020, his license also expired. Since the County was preoccupied with other more pressing issues (COVID) in 2020, I do not think I will be scolded. Perhaps this civic responsibility exercise will be good karma.


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