sense of direction

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

Gilbert K. Chesterton, English writer, d 1936

Contrary to a joke about drivers’ sense of direction that my wife and I share (going downhill is not necessarily “southbound”) , the opposite direction seems to be true in certain cases. Our road-trip along the I-15 to Nevada and Utah is generally North-easterly and going uphill into the high desert. Yet the destination is never really as important to Sheri and me as the time together. Still, we intend to go to Zion National Park in Utah, do a little hiking, and along the way stop over to visit with some old friends who now live in Las Vegas. After a year of limited contact, March is proving to be a good time for a micro-vacation; the weather this week promises to be glorious hiking weather. Even the drive through the desert is pleasing and unhurried. A stopover in Las Vegas, the city that is not “the Strip”, satisfied a request for some long-promised Christmas treat my wife has made the past 20 years.

It is now Saturday and we are ready to get on the road. Perhaps jaded by southern California city living, we are looking forward to desert and the mountains. The Virgin River gorge, St. George, and the red cliff of Zion Park beckon us.

along Hwy 9, near East Entrance, Zion National Park



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