Christmas on my street includes dancing Minions

The squeals of small children, guffaws of parents, and one very surprised “Ah, F@#$!”, from a gent driving by in a Honda, means my wife is out dancing and screeching “Merry Christmas!” in an inflatable Minion suit. Our neighborhood, from Black Friday through New Years Day, has been “Christmas Lane” since the 1980s. For several years, Christmas visitors have been on the decline with political correctness, and all, but things changed this COVID year. With everything that has been taken away from children, the neighborhood has brightly and imaginatively rebounded to close out 2020. Where our street in years past was the “exit” route to “Christmas Lane”, we wanted to do something a little special. Starting a couple years ago, we display inflatable Christmas Minions. Thirteen of them. A week ago, my wife added an inflatable “Kevin” suit.

“BANANA!”, she screeches in her best Minion voice.

To which children, and quite a few adults respond, “BANANA!”. I hear she is featured on TikTok, Facebook, and a neighborhood app.

A star is born.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a dancing Minion


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