thump morning

If someone is able to wait a million years, your Arizona property may yet become ocean waterfront when Southern California slides far enough north riding on the Pacific tectonic plate. In the geologic blink of an eye that is human existence, earthquakes are not going to move my home enough to update the highway mile marker distance from San Diego, California to Yuma, Arizona. Still, the earth does move every so often. While a concern for my family and friends who live east of the San Andreas fault systems between Los Angeles and San Francisco, I feel secure in the granite beneath my feet. It takes a real jolt to make the news around here.

I was just getting my feet out of bed when a “thump” when through the house. An earthquake this morning near San Diego, California, at 1517 UTC, was not even whimper-worthy of Dexter or Comet. By the time the thought crossed my mind that the noise I heard and felt was not a tractor-trailer driving by my home it ended. Dexter, Comet and I have more immediate concerns. Breakfast.



  1. One night a couple of days ago I actually had a rude awakening. To a nearby earthquake, that is. Next morning I found out that it was closer to my house than I previously thought (I live in the Temecula Valley).

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