Toddlers, dogs, and I are the same when it comes to enjoying an adventure.

Most Sundays, Gramma and Gramps take our grandson for the afternoon, so his dad and mom can spend several hours together that isn’t running after the boy. Last Sunday, we took Zander to the New Children’s’ Museum in downtown San Diego. Most of the exhibits are “shoe-free” zones where toddlers, two and three-year olds clamber over pillows, swing spongy things, and fruit-shapes. For him, knocking down wood blocks, putting loose balls in an orange slice-shaped box must seem wonderful. The sense of wonder on his toddler face belie all the future experiences yet to be enjoyed.

Photo by Pixabay on

While not an “adventure” per se, serving as the Lead Usher for my church congregation’s ushers and greeters for two to three hours each week has moments that might be akin to herding cats. Sometimes it is finding a volunteer at the last minute to pass a communion tray. Another time might be a someone’s invited guest who takes it upon himself to smoke a joint in the school bathroom just before services begin. (We rent a school auditorium.) Or one of our regular worshipers, one suffering with pulmonary disease, takes ill requiring an ambulance. Or a neighborhood teen or group of young adults find that grazing through juice and snacks for worshipers before service, makes for a free breakfast while passing through. And when the order of service changes after the pre-meeting concludes, there is a scramble to pull ushers together (many prefer to be in the service until a specified time).


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