call of the wild animation

Movie magic interests me less and less. Perhaps it is the rapid advances in animation that blur the real and the imaginary. But sitting through a classic adventure story, one of my favorite dog- and adventure- tales by Jack London, that was mostly Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), could not be more disappointing. The main character was a CGI dog? I have been watching a lot of CGI in television and movies over the last couple years. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, The Expanse, Altered Carbon, Star Wars, and lately The Mandalorian carry me along in the story. Good acting, dialogue, plot, enhanced with CGI effects are still possible. But this remake was too dependent and overly expensive using the animation, to make the acting the star. I would have probably enjoyed an animated film, like old Disney-magic ones with the same actord voicing the characters. But for this 2020 film, a less-venerated actor than Harrison Ford would not have saved it. Real dogs might have made it a better movie.

Here, via Youtube, watch the original film version of this story.

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