More dog- food for thought

Dexter, Comet, housework
my pair of supervisors

I reached a retirement milestone today. For the first time, I “slept in” while my spouse went to work.

Now that I am not bounding up at 5 AM (though we still rise at 5 mornings that Sheri and I are working our consulting business), Comet and Dexter are enjoying the new routine. I’m awakening old Navy muscle-memory when I used to do more chores daily before 9AM, than my apartment neighbors ( college kids) accomplished all day.

Everything still begins with coffee. But I still cannot lolly-gag as there’s dogs waiting on me. Comet puts a paw on my arm, and give me that expectantly-happy, eyeball-to-eyeball, “Walk-time?” I take a last swig of coffee.

After a circuit of the neighborhood, I review my to-do list.

  • Tuesday, it’s trash day, see that everything has gone out to the curb
  • Dog walk
  • pick up dog poop
  • sweep the front patio, mats, and get rid of the cobwebs annoying me since Saturday
  • wash my breakfast dishes
  • vacuum up dog hair (I did it yesterday, and will do again tomorrow!)
  • retrieve contents of the dryer and put away laundry
  • do a little blogging before lunch

A few more errands and it’s time to continue on the kitchen cabinets – to prep them for painting.

And tomorrow, a plumber is coming to check out a suspected leak at the water inlet to the house. I will have to get up early; there’s still sweepers and a dog-walk to get in before the workers arrive.


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