self-serve dog washing

Comet is a smelly dog and needs to be bathed regularly. Dexter, can get smelly, but not to the same degree as his buddy Comet. It gets rather costly, now that I am retired, to take both dogs to the groomer for a bi-weekly dog bath. Instead, I started to take them to another shop which offers a cheaper self-service option, where I rent the dog bath for an hour. The only miscalculation was taking both dogs by myself. The last time I went, I had bathed Dexter and started to get Comet ready, but instead of using an available crate, I hung the end of Dexter’s lead on a hook. Dexter leaped to greet a dog, tore out the hook splintering the wood fascia where he had been “attached”. The owner was very understanding and did not add to my bill. Her husband would naturally take care of fixing it.

Today, I left Dexter at home and headed off with Comet. But karma seems to have been working for Dexter. I arrived, to find out that this shop is closed on Mondays.

I guess it will be the garden hose at home and pet store shampoo today.



  1. This reminds me of a place we saw in New Brunswick a while back. There was a building with a big bay and a little bay. The sign over the big bay said: “Self-serve car wash.” The sign over the little bay said: “self-serve dog wash.” I got such a big kick out of that. What a brilliant concept!

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