Every cur has his day

Were it not for some of our children, my spouse, and my church family, I might, like my mother before me, think an animal is far better family. An animal as far as I am aware is not self-destructive, nor does it hold onto decade-old grudges.

Every dog must have his day. – Jonathan Swift


I heard a joke once about trying to find a pony underneath a mountain of horse manure dumped unexpectedly into your yard; when life gets really challenging, it is Hope and perseverance of the individual which determine her (his) way.

I am not just a frustrated man with a rare condition. There are few harmonious families. Some may have reached a good place after battling through very difficult times. Others may have drunks, narcissists,or addicts; relationships can be loveless, philandering, indolent, or self-absorbed. When a family member is chronically ill through disease, accident, or a genetic condition, families can grow stronger. But a lot depends on the sufferer’s part in their present condition. I have made my own missteps in my early life and later made changes for the better. But it becomes personal and agonizing when a problem-adult, who has received second, third, and fourth chances, continues to dig a deeper bottom. It is more credit to mother and brothers who continue to resuscitate a person who will not do so on his own.

For my part, I need time to find more empathy.

Lucky that man whose children make his happiness in life and not his grief, the anguished disappointment of his hopes. Euripides




  1. I really hope that things work out for your son and your family. It must be heartbreaking. Know that I’m thinking of you and Sheri as you continue to deal with this. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I were in your shoes. Laying the blame on the disease and not the afflicted must be so hard.

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