Cheater Sunday

“Sleeping in” on a Sunday morning, for us, is still early. Unless one or the other is wakened by a headache, leg cramp, or the urge for “playfulness”, it means 6:30 AM.

The Lady is retrieving the morning paper. Dexter and Comet follow her in the hope that she will detour to the kitchen. They settle back onto their pillows. Patience. A scan of the advertising flyers must have a second cup to sip by.

Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on

She brings a cup for her husband. The Man, for his part, cannot read any of the paper until he finds glasses. “Cheaters”, the multi-pack readers that one buys at the store, are all over the house. Guess the cheating will have to wait. We need to get ready for church.



    1. hahaha. Thanks Linda for that memory! At very least, he didn’t call them “BCs” like we did in Navy bootcamp. (they were called that because “birth controls” were SO ugly, no girl would want to get with a Sailor wearing them!!!) LOL

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