parties and poopers

I love family gatherings and celebrations. Where a decade ago, several of us celebrated our children’s graduation from high school, we now have other families whose children are reaching that milestone. And I might have grown too accustomed to much-less boisterous gatherings as I aged.

Yet I can now self-identify as not just a pooper-scooper but as a party-pooper. A family down the street, and I presume, their relatives and friends, were celebrating from mid-day Saturday late into the night hours. The party was still going strong when my wife and I tried to go to sleep. I walked the several houses down to the party. It’s getting late, please turn it down – we can hear it through our home half a block away.

They were pleasant. But the message did not get passed along. (I asked in Spanish and in English.) I then made a call.

Law enforcement soon requested them to turn it down as it was near midnight.

Our other neighbors and I were able to get some sleep.



  1. Oh this happened to me in Germany and after awhile of unsuccessful trying to ignore it, which was way too loud to do, and hoping I would eventually fall asleep which only resulted in more aggressive tossing and turning, I got really annoyed by the lack of consideration for others. Guess I’m right there with you and call me a party pooper as well. Glad you eventually got some sleep.

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  2. Here’s the bonus to being a party pooper….(having been a life long party pooper I can speak with some authority on the subject): I always arrive at parties on time, and leave early. Therefor missing ALL of the drama that unfolds after a certain amount of beverages have been consumed. Family still talks about certain incidents that I have NO information on. Gladly!

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    1. There’s an advantage to being neither the subject of party gossip, nor a witness to embarrassing behavior. Fortunately my pals all are light consumers and have early bedtimes!


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