what’s your canine-ality?

Saturday morning, the dogs and I pulled into the driveway with a nice endorphin-released mellow after our hike. That was short-lived. As I called the dogs out of the car, they immediately rushed left, and toward the neighbor’s backyard gate. Their targets? A hyper-snappy Jack Russell, a loud Mastiff-mix, and a mutt, were barking at our arrival. With Dexter in the lead, he, Comet and the other dogs snarled at each other through the chain-link gate with all the blustering bravado I only see displayed when there is a fence separating adversaries.

I’m wondering if there’s any benefit in getting a “personality” test for the dogs? There’s something about a Jack Russell that just sets Dexter off. No other dog really gets him going like this. Perhaps a deep-seated inferiority that each play off. Were I ever to get another dog, I might like a compatibility test like the BOLT, the Bull/Owl/Lamb/Tiger personality traits test that my wife and her staff at her work did some years ago. At my computer this afternoon, I apparently am more of an Owl? And as for dogs, I found two tests on the Internet. Neither are very scientific, but it is amusing nonetheless. Not being a proponent of Internet compatibility, or dog-personality analysis – I probably would go first to Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, for training advice. Regarding the types of tests, for dogs, on the Internet, I found two. One is a very short series of four choices of behaviors and images to identify your pooch. It’s found here.

This discusses a second, more complex mix of analysis into twelve types. Were I an animal psychologist to the over-indulged, I might not rely on my simple analysis of Dexter. He’s got some overactive need to be recognized and receive attention, even from dogs and people who are not interested in greeting him, and he is obsessed outdoors with knowing ever animal and dog that has passed by. Comet – he wants attention and food. And a comfortable, safe environment. Beyond that, he has a uncontrolled urge to dig through unattended kitchen trash.


Dexter and Comet on the bridge
Ready for adventure


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  1. I am afraid to give Walter a personality test. It would just be verification of my greatest fears. He is no mere bull or owl, I’m afraid he is a Hellhound from Hades. A demon in disguise. Sometimes the disguise is pretty thin.

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