going for a ride

Dogs love to go for rides. A dog will happily get into any vehicle going anywhere.
Dave Barry


Comet and Dexter both love to go for rides in our cars. Generally they go places in my old “dog” car – its one I drove to work for 160,000 of its present 202,000 miles. Our youngest was telling me last month that on one occasion Comet had gone out the open front door, and gotten into a vehicle surprising its owner. Our son retrieved him fairly quickly.

I had a dog which did that once – and my wife retrieved from the County shelter 20 miles away. I politely refused to throw the bs flag on this re-telling. Our son, who has been staying with us a few months, is as fond of storytelling as he is fond of rides. Unfortunately, he did not take care of his own vehicle mechanically or fiscally (got behind on the payments). These days we shuttle him only on special occasions.

When he needs a lift to work.


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