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Comet loves to be an inside dog #itsadogslifesandiego , dogs, rescues, shelter dogs,

Why does everyone and everything else use my couch more than me? On any given day, generally while I am at work, my couch gets plenty of use. Dexter sleeps on it. My youngest son in between work shifts and away visiting friends, is asleep on it. We “store” blankets jackets, and throws on it. And TV controllers and pocket change go down in between the cushions. Random household things like the vacuum cleaner or folding chairs
lean against it.

Why do smaller dogs patrolling their backyard in the early morning, howl and bark (hurling insults?) at me, Comet and Dexter? We were walking on a path more than a hundred yards away. And he was still going long after we were out of sight.

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

And why do “modern conveniences” like a car with a built-in tire pressure monitor get me completely flabbergasted? On the way home last night, two tires on the passenger side of the car, per the little dash computer, were two-thirds of normal pressure. In the morning, I put some air in the tires and drove the short distance to the tire shop. Curiously, on my way the dash computer told me those tires remained low, but now driver-side tires were more than 10 percent higher pressure! While I took the day off to deal with this, no leak nor damage was found. I went home.

With a dog and a human (my son) asleep on the couch I got to thinking why do people tend to yawn when someone else yawns, or like me, when seeing others sleeping ( on the couch I don’t get to use!), do I get sleepy?

I should get errands done while I still have motivation. Why not take a nap. If I can get to the couch. I mean, I took Friday off. Shouldn’t I enjoy it?


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