better humans don’t race

It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system.

Dan Quayle

Politicians and short-tempered commuters share the same weaknesses as human beings. One seeks to gain advantage over others by convincing the group that she has the better vehicle into the future. The other, though everyone else is going the same direction and at the same time, demands their vehicle to go first.

So far this week I have had lessons taught to me by dogs and man. My dogs, whether I take them for a brisk walk in the morning as I run out the door (going to work), or take them for a good walk the afternoon I return early from a job interview that went well – treat me the same. Ecstatic to have me spending time with them. Friends of mine and fellow church members, are moving out of state at the end of the month. A small party they hosted last night, attended by twenty-five or more, all bringing Hawaiian -themed dishes to a pot luck, was an opportunity to gush, bawl, and be grateful for the friendship we all share.

While politicians manipulate events to appear that the fabric of our society is in discord and increasingly people are disadvantaged, a dog can detect fiction from truth. There are plenty of angry fools, like the hothead drivers I saw today. In the morning commute, one car apparently passed a second onto the crowded lane waiting to enter the highway. The second driver huffed out of his car, marched up to the car in front and thumped the driver’s window. Fortunately, he huffed back to his car and then drove up and onto the highway. With no bloodshed. And an hour later, in a van taking me from the car dealership where I was having work done, another driver was honking angrily because he wanted to turn right, and my driver could not move (it was a single lane) as traffic was stopped.

I’ve seen my dogs hear some exciting noise outdoors, and want to bound out through the little flapped entry. One has to wait for the other to get through. There’s no ill-tempered response between ‘stuckees’.

But then something like the call I received later this morning occurs. ” Hi, this is your driver from this morning? One of my passengers found your wallet on the floor and gave it to me. I’ll turn it over to your service adviser for you to pick up this afternoon.”

I may be going out on a limb, but I think there are a lot of good-hearted, perhaps dog-people(?), people in the world. And as long as people realize that there are more goodness than awful in the world, we can have a better outlook for the human race.

As for the others? Maybe, they will be encouraged to all emigrate to Mars. If only, according to a Former Vice President, we enter the Solar System first.



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