Nothing gets Comet and Dexter’s excitement stirred more than “Let’s find Mommy!”  “Do you wanna a bikkie (dog biscuit)?”,  is a close second.  And then,  “Ready for walkie?”,  is definitely a third motivator.

Now you may be asking why a nearly sixty-year-old man is using childish phrases with these dogs,  Dexter and Comet?  Perhaps it is my senility coming a little early.  Or is it because these guys act like 4 year old children 365 days a year?   Because I will soon get the opportunity to see my grandchild for the first time,  when his parents move back to San Diego, I’m practicing.  My wife is well-versed with kid-talk as well and caring for toddlers, preschoolers, and so on – she raised 3 boys. (I helped bring them from pre-teens to men).  And she has been recently serving at church with our toddlers class so the parents can be focused during the service.    But this past week,  I have been on my own.  All my interactions and conversations with folks at church answer where my spouse has been for the past week.   My conversations at work have been limited to task -related matters.    Outside of that, I really only have had the dogs to talk to.

But this morning I am in dog/baby chatter -high gear.     My wife is returning today from “Gramma” duty on the other side of the country, and I had planned to get everything in order – dishes, laundry, housework, etc – at the last day and early morning.  I’ve been sidestepping dogs following me in and out, stepping over Comet who lays right in front of the door to the laundry.  Calling Dexter back into the house as he runs to bark outside.  Dust and hair waft in and out and down the hall.  Bits of dog chow are on the floor, in the carpet, and somehow seem to be in random corners of the living room.    Anyone with dogs. particularly dogs that shed a lot, run in and out ALL day, and bark  at trash trucks and workmen next door know that dogs can create havoc within an hour of cleaning up.   I left vacuuming for the last minute.

I am not always so motivated I admit. But this is one of those weeks everything is bustling.  I had my son over last night for a meal – barbecue, and then ran the dogs our for a walk,  did the first of three loads of laundry overnight.  Up early in the morning, switching laundry about, washed more dishes,  put laundry away.  Put the dishes away (!),  and ran the dogs out at 7 for a longer walk.   Now as you may have guessed I have taken the day (most of it) off to pick my spouse up.  The airport is in the opposite direction as my home to work commute.  But I unknowingly scheduled a dental appointment – my new dentist is right across from my workplace – this afternoon.

So I am going from home to airport; airport to home; home to dentist;  dentist to work (possibly); and then work back to home.    By this time I will be thinking, “I may need TOMORROW off”.  There still are some chores I do not want to leave for my wife to do when she gets home.

But the missus is keeping me to my word.    I said I am working till I turn sixty.    That is next summer.   And I cannot let her come back from travel and pick up where I left off.  She intends to go back to work tomorrow.


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