mostly good

The dog food bag in the middle of the kitchen floor tonight was my first clue.  Some mischief had occurred today while the humans were away.  Then I noted the hamburger buns on the living room floor.   Dang it!  I left bread on the kitchen table again!   But I was pleasantly surprised.  Comet had made only a small hole in one end of the wrapper and only one bun had been slightly chewed.

A victory of sorts in the grand scheme of things.   Comet may have restrained himself when realizing that this was just more bread.

Dad will yell at me again!

But I restrained myself as well.  Neither Dexter nor Comet had caused any additional mischief.   They were “mostly good”.   The day had been stressful for them as the work crew next door took down the fence separating the two yards and used it as a temporary barrier a few feet into my yard.   I knew it was happening today, but I didn’t have anyone who could dog-sit.   I just prayed I would not get a phone call that the critters were “threatening” the crew.   Perhaps John had been over to distract them.

I gave them praise and we had playtime on the front patio.

And since I was “mostly good” at work today,  I needed a treat as well.   Tonight,  I rewarded my wife and myself by reheating  yesterday’s leftover pork ribs on the barbecue grill.   With a couple of freshly prepared hamburgers,  some bacon, and the buns that Comet had been kind enough to leave us.   (I must say, bacon strips on the barbecue grill,  was a novel approach.)  And the bacon grease dripping over the previously cooked ribs was a nice touch.

Of course,  I will owe my employer a little additional effort tomorrow.  Monday got off to a slow start after a busy weekend.   In the grand scheme of things,  being “mostly good” at work – or at home depends on whether I am ahead of schedule or have a mess to clean up.



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