window on the soul

 Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in while, or the light won’t come in. – Alan Alda

The world seems a little brighter out my window today.  Maybe endorphins are giving me a positive spin on a quiet afternoon.   Dexter and Comet accompanied me on a hike. Then they went to the spa.  They returned after a well-earned needed grooming, looking and smelling clean.

Chiefly, the September sun, in a cloudless sky,  is brighter now from my writing desk today for crystal-clear windows and clean screens. For many reasons, I had this chore on my to-do list all summer. Due laziness or other priorities, I was not given to washing windows when it is so dusty in El Cajon.  Secondly, my neighbor had a couple different earth-moving projects between our two homes going in August and September.

One of our friends was advertising via email that he started a window-washing service.  Sheri brought it to my attention.  Naturally,  I know this to be a subtle form of  “Please help here. Look, you are responsible for the upkeep outside the home; I  (she) am responsible for the upkeep INSIDE the home”.    I have to agree that we keep the shades (as beautiful as they truly are) pulled because the windows were just horrendous for the last couple seasons.  (I would say “year” but that would sound like I never have made window-washing a priority!).  A half-day later, the results are wonderful.

Perhaps the change of heart is more metaphysical.   In a world of opaque windows,  whether dirtied by the human condition – illness, addictions, mental and physical frailty;   scandals in politics, business or religion;  suffering from natural disasters or man-made  (gas leaks and power outages); there are some who cannot see forward because their view is opaque.  It is time to wash the grime away.  Apply a spiritual standard for loving one-another, peace-making, being humble, truthful, kind, and charitable. It will be amazing to see how much brighter the world becomes!



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