hide your crazy

Go and fix your make up girl it’s, just a break up run an’
Hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady ’cause I
Raised you better, gotta keep it together even when you fall apart,
But this ain’t my mama’s broken heart…


Miranda Lambert’s “Momma’s Broken Heart” is a song that joins a whole genre of gone-off-the-deep-end crazy responses to a romantic breakup.    While politics has lent itself to romantic terms,  the amount of time a person spends commenting on it, creating memes, writing blog posts, sharing FB polls or wearing F@#$ (name) on t-shirts, can be a very possessive relationship.  And like a co-dependent, the more someone depends on the relationship to give them “meaning” … well, you get the picture.  the crazier the relationship becomes.

But not so much for dog-people.  Dogs have never indicated that they growl at someone because of their political persuasion.  They pee on everything equally.   Comet may not understand relationships between dogs and people all that much (he growled  at a gray pittie that Dexter was playing with yesterday),   but it had nothing to do with anger.   Comet enjoys the company of Christians as much as he does your average agnostic or sailor.  Dogs live in the moment.  I know that they will not spend time marching, holding protests, or opining on social media.


It is good to be a dog.  Be like Dexter. Basic.  Simple-minded.  Happy to have dog-pillows and going on “walkies”.    If he sees another dog, cat, or rabbit it could be a new friend for him.

I once upon a time studied the science of politics at a university.  It was useless for the jobs I held since then.   I probably would have still ended up in the occupation I have today,  However,  I learned through life experience and as a dog-person,  to put away my crazy and focus on the plants, basic needs, and enjoying the blessings I have.  Like my dogs my attention span is only so long.



  1. Amen. BTW: I just saw the first episode of a beautiful series (made in the UK, I think) about how extraordinary dogs are — their ability to smell, to hear, to see, to work tirelessly, to help raise other baby animals, the list goes on and on and on. I don’t know if it is airing anywhere on your West Coast TV stations… maybe it’s available online, too?

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