dogs, distractions and blogging

20180713_200322_11I have not been blogging as much of late as I normally have.  Not because Dexter and Comet have not inspired me, but because I am getting a little distracted.   Exercise in the mornings.  Walking the dogs afterward.   Making my bed and putting the clean laundry my missus left me  – away in my drawer.   Mostly because  I think I have nothing much to inspire, amuse,  or blather on about in the last couple days.

I left the house today, on what seemed a normal morning. Had my cup of coffee and then another. My wife before leaving the house for her work made me a breakfast shake.  With breakfast done, I petted the dogs and it was time to go.  Gathered up my things and got them to the car.  But I forgot my  car fob key.

Back inside the house,  petted the dogs (again), saw they needed water and filled their bucket.  Got my keys. Then looking at Dexter on the back patio, realized my potted plants would need water.   Went out through the garage to get the water turned on. (I have no spigot in the back.)  So I used the hose water the pots but then realized I needed to water a couple additional plants – it was going to be another HOT day.   That done, I set the hose down under the coral tree which was exceptionally dry.

Realized on my way out of the house that I need to empty the kitchen trash – our can is outside the same garage door I went through previously.  Comet would not be dragging trash out today I smirked.  I made one last pass – grabbing and filling my water cup for the long commute.

Successfully I got out the door and on the road.  I have avoided the big bottleneck traffic (mostly) and gotten fifteen miles along my commute to work.  Then I thought


man hand garden growth
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I headed back home.  The traffic I passed was a solid line of cars.   And yes,  I left the hose running AND the front door unlocked.  This time I was not distracted but purposely chose the much longer route of two to get to my work.

 TWO hours and ten minutes after initially getting in the car,  I got to work today.    And then the REAL MADNESS began.   But it is okay.   I will probably forget something important this evening, such as turning the test equipment ON before leaving.

There’s always tomorrow.



  1. “Did I turn off the hose” could be a metaphor for SO much. This is relatable. I hope your day starts out a little smoother today and that you remembered to turn on the testing equipment yesterday. 😉

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