the Morn’s rambling

Morning comes whether you set the alarm or not. Ursula K. Le Guin

20180407_193856564512799.jpgI do not believe snoring woke me this morning.  Yet I am wide awake in the very early hour when I should be in the best slumber of the night – just before the alarm goes off. Granted,  now that I petition Alexa to set an alarm to wake me during the week, the gentle pinging is better than a mockingbird or the poke of Comet’s paw.   But this particular morning,  I definitely felt cool air swirling around my lower half at some unfathomable hour.  All the bedding, top sheets and cover were pulled up and enveloped  the slumbering form next to me.

The snoring continued as I rose to go start the coffee.  Mockingbirds as far as I know do not imitate that particular noise.  Dexter?    But he was not at the foot of the bed — where I found the comforter piled on the floor.  Instead,  Comet was there. Speaking of mockingbirds, the male birds on my block are apparently sated with mates these days.  No serenading, in a dozen different bird calls, has interrupted my sleep in a month or two.   As for Dexter?   He was toes in the air, sleeping soundly on the living room couch.   Floors are only for the poor misfortunates who haven’t the luxury of leather.

Now that I am up blogging, coffee pot set up, wife stirring, and dogs looking for a snack, it is time for me to start the day.  It’s Friday! Not as though I am at the end of the week though.  My boss “asked” me to support a production “push” over the weekend to deliver eight,  or at least as many as possible, of these widgets to meet our quarters-end goal.   And of course, I will attempt it.   I’m not pessimistic.  For eleven years,  every quarter-end is the same frenzied atmosphere.  Lull during the middle of the quarter until some production process hiccup gets resolved.  Most of the production in my project is in small quantities and so our suppliers produce them at the tail end of the larger customer orders.  With other operation, fabrication, quality or delivery issues,  I rarely get the quarter’s production started until the end of the quarter.  Sometimes our team does everything and provides the requested numbers only to have someone down the line goof.

At least, familiarity with the process does not cause me sleepless nights any longer.  Had I gone into the dog-biscuit manufacture, would the dog-biscuit people have such problems?  But there are few technical issues with biscuits. Maybe delivery of ingredients and packaging problems.    I’ve yet to encounter a dog (end-customer) that paces the floor distressed about the delivery of biscuits.




  1. I can’t believe you outed Sheri as a snorer and cover-stealer! As for the dog biscuit biz, never underestimate the problems of supply chain issues both before manufacture and after. My the company (before I retired) made paper for dog food bags, among other things. Those dog food companies are brutal! 😉

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    1. I am ashamed of my blame -shifting!!! and your wisdom , only substantiates my suspicion that ALL industries are complex and difficulty-prone. Maybe the street vendor (hotdogs, fruit, flowers) has the right idea. Stay small and nimble….

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