of all the things I have lost

… I miss my mind the most


I know some in the blogging community have struggled and recovered from an unhealthy obsession with weight loss, food, and exercise.  I do not wish to cause anyone to struggle.  In fact, in a shout out to Beauty Beyond Bones, I am in awe of how she has helped so many through her personal example.  It is only for better health and longer life that I am celebrating my journey today.

20171223_150433.jpgOver the past three months, with illness as a kickstart, and a properly focused and healthy eating regimine,  and then surgery,  I have lost weight.  I’m now at 216 Lbs.  My doctor tells me that I should be around 200 Lbs (about 90 Kilos) or less.  I set a goal of 195 which would be 50 Lbs (22 Kilos) loss by my late summer birthday.   My wife first suggested that she wanted to change her eating habits and I jumped in alongside with both feet.   Eating fresh fish and steroid-free chicken and beef. with lots of fresh greens, I can see that I look, and feel better.   Dexter and Comet both are enjoying this change as they are getting better walks.

In my imagination it actually started with the fellas.   More than a year ago, I decided to find better dog food for the guys, as it seemed news stories were filled with sordid tales of dog chows from big box stores that were cheap, and cheap because they were often composed of poisons and fillers.  Perhaps it was the show I watched one evening on the guy whose diet experiment of McDonalds showed how quickly his health soured.  With good quality dog chow,  we saw visibly their coats shine, doggie breath improve, energy increase.  Of course,  it still fell to us to regulate their eating.  The last time we visited the vet, both critters could stand to lose ten pounds!

20180409_0820011597885493.jpgSo a good diet and exercise has helped me get a shinier coat, or at least clear skin, visibly thinner face and waist.  And while weight loss does not seem to improve memory,  I am not too worried.   We put the leashes in the same spot every time after a walk, I know where their dog food is stored,   and remember most things I have to do – I put them on my phone calendar.

Life is good!


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