Call of the Wily

As far as I can tell, no dog has been troubled by another dog pretending to be him or her. I’ve not seen a coyote mimic a dog, like a nightingale mimics other bird calls, to lure them.   I know there are predators that lure their prey by mimicking their surroundings, but I believe that only humans  pretend to be other humans – just to steal from them not eat them.    While I have heard stories, as recently as last week,  about some small dogs living in the ‘burbs falling victim to a coyote, it was the ignorance of the victim rushing out to greet (foolish) or challenge (more foolish) the interloper.   Perhaps those dogs were not wary of predators lacking the experience country dogs.  The same can be said for humans.

I imagine a dog is capable of suspicion having seen Dexter’s behavior when he is given medication following a trip to the vet.   I try to disguise a pill or a solution in pet food.   After one time, Dexter will recognize the subterfuge and apply a little “swish and spit”   response.   But the subterfuge I am irritated by today is man-made.

Have you received unexpected calls from bill collectors, toll-calls from foreign country area codes,  scammers reporting a loved one being injured and needing money – in visa gift cards, or calls FROM YOUR OWN CELL NUMBER – while you are holding your phone? Yet I am not drawn in to these schemes.  Like a wise country dog that knows there are varmints, coyotes, foxes and other predators beyond their marked piece of ground,  I am experienced, capable and pretty good at subterfuge of my own against scammers.  I still am warm and friendly to all until crossed.  This old dog still has his teeth.



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