(anything)-berto’s take-out misses me

untitled-design2You can look anything up on Google.  Microbiology,  complex organic chemistry, protein-chains and vanilloid receptors and the like.  ( I tried a few queries via Alexa Dot, with it wanting to tell me all sorts of exciting developments that had nothing to do with what I wanted).  Curiously, an allergic reaction, in the form of uticaria (hives) seems to be a small percent of the population, though people who work in the industry packaging or handling spices, peppers,  and so forth do develop varying degrees of sensitivity and allergies.

And due to the food industry using spices that all have capsaicin in them, it is on the person with the sensitivity who has the responsibility to be alert.   And that’s where lunch after church on Sunday might have taken a big reverse gear.  Barely twelve hours after the relief of  symptoms,  I was sampling a vegetable dip with a potato chip.  (I allowed myself at most, four chips).  And I noticed a curious RED fleck in the dip.  Red bell pepper in the ingredients list.

Fortunately I carry my allergy pills and Benadryl with me everywhere these days.  And moreso after just having two days of the “grip”.   Two allergy pills and lots of water later,  my internal scream was silenced.    I kept my  composure to not let my aggravation disturb our friends, lunch hosts, and  spouse.

The evening has been uneventful.  And I expect it to remain so.   I have had time to review  the “ketogenic diet” that my spouse printed out for me last week.  I have previously maintained that I only need to eat less to be trim again.   Eat less but sampling more –   Eating less has been an abject failure.

food terrorists

Bacon, pork,  butter, fish, shrimp, grass-fed beef,  lots of vegetables, but no breads, sugar-additive foods, and I can safely exclude all capsaicin-based spice.   And here I thought I was going to be eating oatmeal and tunafish, with carrot garnish three times a day.



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