sleep, work, and walking

January 2nd.   2018.   Who can relate to going back to work after the New Years holiday and finding that half of your workmates and department managers  took an additional day off?    Getting up and out of the house before 5:30 AM, on a Tuesday normally means only half the normal madness of commuting after 6:10 AM.   There were perhaps less than a quarter of my routine commuters on the road.  I got to work in less than 40 minutes.

The hallway stayed half-lit all day.  Nobody was really motivated to go turn on the floor lights.    Coffee was a driving ambition most of the day.    And lunch.  But even the cafeteria staff were hardly moving by an hour after opening for the breakfast “rush”.

Neither dog had moved this morning when my wife and I got ready for work.   They remained in holiday routine.   By the time I got home in mid afternoon (again, a pleasant mystery, the result of going to work very early)  I found that my son had taken Dexter for his follow-up vet appointment and I took Comet for his constitutional.    And this evening, I am still up blogging, and the house echoes with the deep snores of beasts.  And perhaps my wife is snug in her covers.   Sleepy-time tea is not countering all that darn coffee I drank today!

5 AM Wednesday is going to be a struggle.  I will try to double my production from today.  Maybe the worker who built my gizmo which failed testing today had an equally rough start to his or her week three months ago.  Maybe you only should ship goods built on Wednesdays or in weeks not starting with holidays?


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