one year anniversary

The 31st of December, so WordPress informs me, marks that I have been blathering on It’s a Dogs Life for a full year!  And mid-December was the one-year anniversary of bringing Comet into our fold.  And his arrival spurred both my blog and the name doing the posting.  So I should also mark New Year’s Eve as a year gone to the dogs?

In our house, the past year was a good year.  Even with Dexter’s Christmas present being surgery,  the dogs have spurred a lot of great subjects for blogging.  I expect 2018 to be no different.

For the New Year, I will wish each and everyone on my blogging community and friends in every time zone, peace, joy,  love, and whatever challenges in 2018 may come,  that these help you grow personally and spiritually.  May you find a better world every morning that you are in it, and along the way, cherish family, friends, and whatever pooch or critter looks to you for their pack lead.





  1. Happy New Year, NotDonner!

    It looks like we started blogging at right around the same time. Thanks for all the smiles, thoughts, and inspiration your blog has provided me over the past year.

    Here’s to an awesome 2018!

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