Dexter’s Boxing Day

Elective surgery was not meant to be one of Dexter’s gifts this year.   On “Boxing Day”,  I would imagine that visiting,  shopping or going to the movies were foremost in the plans for many dog-people.  However Dexter and I were at the vet this morning for a diagnosis.  The tip of Dexter’s left ear has a pea-sized growth that Doctor Rhoades is removing tomorrow.  20171226_114720

In the space of two weeks,  it grew from a sore that bled when scratched to a larger mass that the groomers nicked accidentally a couple days ago.  The prudent thing was to take him in today.  While the vet discussed an optional biopsy of the mass,  I think we will opt for not adding a third more to the $900 dollar estimate.  In either case, he will likely come home minus a small chunk of his ear.  But he will have a pearly smile for 2018;  I did agree to a teeth cleaning while he is knocked out tomorrow.   I’ll just tell everyone that Dexter’s 2017 Christmas presents included a coiffure, some body sculpting,  whiter teeth and freshened breath.



  1. Is the vet confident that Dexter will be ok without having the biopsy done? I’m such a worry wart when it comes to the dogs. I can’t believe what they are charging you. Levi had a lump on his tail and our vet did a biopsy. Granted, it wasn’t sent off to a fancy lab, but they were able to tell that the cells were fine. It was such a quick procedure that they included it in the office visit. They even threw in a nail clipping! The dogs love them there, and so do we!


  2. The vet said the growth came out cleanly and only a small nick in his ear to get it all. We will keep an eye out for any other issue. But I trust those vets. Even without a biopsy (300 plus dollars!). It’s hard budgeting when it comes to the fellas.


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