mutts, common sense, and royals

DRpN91JVwAAPhXbA story on Twitter caught my eye this morning.  A member of the British royal family, Princess Michal of Kent, was photographed with a lovely antique gold brooch.  It depicted  a “Black Moor”.  Wasn’t that a Shakespearean (16th Century) villain?  Of course, were it not the year 2017,  racial, religious, class and gender topics would not be “common” hot buttons.  The kerfuffle is over a slight toward the engaged royal couple.  The presumably offended Miss Markle,   a Los Angelina, of actress-descent, would perhaps not have noted the Princess’s choice of brooch.  Of course,  it was rather large, and characterization, given Miss Markle’s family line, inappropriate.  Perhaps the Princess of Kent could have found something more of a lightning rod for photographers, such as a “Make America Great Again” button?DRqRe_bW0AADBhM

I know relatively little of Prince Harry – officially, Prince Henry of Wales  KCVO,   though I have admired both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry for their devotion to duty, honor and country (particularly serving in uniform and in a combat zone).   But as a dog-man,  I don’t generally get upset about a person’s bias.   As a dog-person may attest,  except perhaps those given to pure bloodlines and AKC registry,  a dog of mixed origins or mutt,  is often of more predictable temperament, intelligence, and free of certain blood, bone or organ diseases compared to a dog that has been selectively bred.   And I also am partial to shelter and rescue-dogs.   Many of these animals are of no particular class, social standing, fame or desirability as a fashion accessory.   As a mutt myself, (what else would a man of Polish jew and Scots-Irish descent be)  I can appreciate the infusion of un-common sense and pardon, the term, “class” in this new generation.  Specifically,  I am glad that there will be more “new” blood in the House of Windsor.

Oh, the Princess did make an apology.  But I expect that she will be helped to make her choice of fashion a little more socially appropriate.  Perhaps she can adopt a black dog from the streets of London.



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