For more than 5 years, every Saturday morning I have met four friends at a park for an hour of fellowship, prayer, and walking. With only a few exceptions in that time, Dexter, and then both Dexter and Comet have accompanied us.  In the last few weeks,  a Chihuahua and a Pointer-mix have dropped-by.  Well, “dropped-by” is not really accurate.   They were attached;  the former,  to Tom’s wrist,  and the latter, to Dan.  On alternate weekends.   This past Saturday,  I got a case of the “guilty”s  -starting with that “look” from my dogs, since I was going on a series of personal (Christmas) errands directly from our park walk.  I did not take them to the park that morning.

This last “real” work week of 2017 has also intruded on the routine morning dog walk.    I  have been leaving the house a little earlier all week, starting earlier, and neglecting their morning exercise.   I am feeling run down as a result.  The “dog-nosis”  (diagnosis) ?  The lack of dog-time makes for a dull boy.


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