vacation, or trip in Fall

Dogs never pack for vacation. When people bring out suitcases,  they know the humans are probably not taking them along.

Wives may stress over what to bring.

Dogs and husbands do not.  If dogs did have a list to help pack,  biscuits,  canned food,  a chew toy,  and a leash would be their first items.  Simple.  The same short list that guys think of.

Chuck a few things in a suitcase and we’re off.  Of course,  if fishing, the top  on our list,  a thousand bucks in rods and tackle; if car camping, we toss in cigars and beer with tents and boots.  If going to the tropics, shorts,  Hawaiian shirt,  and tennis shoes.  Oh yeah, and a toothbrush.

Did I forget something?



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