Freddie Kruger ‘s lane

Comet, Dexter, and I found the gate unlocked yesterday morning.  For years a gate latch at the end of the street adjacent to my house has had a large brass and steel padlock, preventing access to the alley. Looking through the fence both dogs may have wondered “what lies beyond”.  In the sunlight, there is little to fascinate the eye, but when the slightest breeze blows, noses twitch.  Hints of decay, oily and yet sweet. In daylight, a row of little ancient houses, overgrown pepper trees and mulberries, rusting tricycles and pickup trucks are ordinary.  Tonight, in the darkness, dim porchlights make every shadow a hidden threat.

We went through the gate.   It squealed and clanked like those in spooky movies.   In the quiet,  a  yip or two came out of the dark.  Coyotes in years past had hunted for rabbits just up the hill from that first house. On a few occasions that we passed near this way before, their yipping while on the hunt were the only sounds in early morning,

One spooky house with a decayed ornamental lattice topping a brick wall allowed a glimpse of an empty pool and overgrown patio.   Dexter and Comet peed.

I don’t think the dogs have an imagination that runs to ghosts and horror movies on Halloween eve but I do.  Happy Halloween.



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