driving Missus S


Palm Desert, California (image courtesy of Pinterest)

For a couple of weeks my spouse had plans to attend an October conference for nursing educators and managers in Palm Desert, California.   This is a community near Palm Springs, some two to three hours drive north  from my home in eastern San Diego.  I know she doesn’t much care for long drives, and I don’t much care for her driving alone through mountains and desert in the late evening.   With a hotel already booked, it was obviously another opportunity for a “getaway” .  During the first several years of marriage, our “getaways” were often an overnight or two nights on the weekend, so this was an unconventional “good husband” opportunity.

The best part of the late evening drive was the second hour spent ascending and descending  the winding mountain highway that leads into Palm Desert.  And I got to sleep in a nice hotel bed with my spouse last night.   At 5:30 AM, with a little Starbucks, rolled down car windows – the desert air was in the low 60’s F – there were no excuses not to get going to work.


Perhaps a road trip late in the work week added a little Zen to my mental state?  Since Sheri likes to doze off when I drive, perhaps she would support a little late-week desert diversion now and again.   And slaloming on mountain roads seems to be healthier than dealing with grumpy drivers.

  • I was going to title this, “road trip”, but the occasion was more of a “date night”




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