Monday routines deferred

Have you ever been one of those souls who spring out of bed in the morning particularly Monday mornings?   And I am not referring to those of us who were in the military where we were conditioned by fear of punishment to leap out of bed fully ready to go.

If ever I was one of those irritatingly enthusiast early risers it has been many years since I last routinely felt “spring-y”.   Except, perhaps, when I was embarking on a vacation-day or vacation week.   Today is neither.   I have an appointment – set by the Government – in the middle of my workday and in the opposite direction from my work-bound commute.  Once I might have driven the forty miles only to drive thirty miles back to the appointment.  Then back to work.   Not today.  20170625_190747_001

If you are not a dog-person, or you are unaffected by “dog-guilt”, you probably realize that your particular need of getting on the road by a certain time, or attending to a report, an email, getting children to school, etc is of primary concern.    On most days, the guilt– that condition when the dogs look to you and then to the leashes hanging by the front door  – compels this human to take them out for a walk despite a need to do something else.

Now that both dogs have been re-assured with a little more adventurous walk in the neighborhood,  they are sleeping while I have time to blog.  I do not want to dawdle too long.  I imagine that this appointment may be akin to the DMV, the Department of Motor Vehicles, where the patron should arrive an hour early, even for an appointment only to wait an additional hour to be seen.     So I will put in additional hours for the rest of the week at work to catch up.   I really cannot afford to reschedule this appointment.  It may affect my planned retirement date.  That is now what gets me out of bed most mornings!    20170406_213719

As for my compressed schedule, I think the critters will find that guilting me into long walks this week will be less effective.  After this mornings walk,  I see that they are snoring away on their cushions.   Most days I’ve gone to work thinking they spend all day running in and out of the house.   But it gives me an idea.  Sleep therapy research volunteer.  Now that’s an occupation that I can spring INTO bed on Mondays.




  1. Dog guilt. I am experiencing it as I type. The satellite guy said he’d be here around 11 so I put the dogs in their outside run about twenty of. The guy came at 11:10 and is removing that dish as I type. I am also feeling tremendously guilty for putting the dogs out even though it’s one of their favorite places.

    Levi is standing on the dog deck…yes they have a deck even though we don’t…and looking pitiful. They will be allowed back in a few minutes, but I still feel sorry for them.

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      1. My two sleep on the couch all day and go out only when they feel like it. I had two HUGE wooden Great Dane-sized doggy doors made. I didn’t feel guilty when I was working. Now that I”m not, I feel mostly claustrophobic as one or both of them think they need to be in my lap. Half of my typing is done with the laptop on a pillow balanced on a Great Dane head. I guess that makes it a headtop. Hmm…my computer is a hat!

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