Appreciating Parrotheads & fried chicken

Jimmy with his ‘bluegrass” guitar

The view from the lawn at the amphitheatre is a sea of  birds fanatics: costume parrots and flamingos of every size and shape,  old men in Hawaiian shirts, a few sharks and even  cheeseburger-adorned music fans.

San Diego: last stop of 2017 tour

The shenanigans at a Jimmy Buffet concert are unique.  Great memories relived of a band making music over forty years.    The “Parrotheads”  seemed like my memories of 30 years ago at one of the last Grateful Dead concerts. Multi-generational Hippies partying; apparently, everyone today was fueled with margaritas and clouds of Mary Jane smoke.

So glad we ate fried chicken tailgating before the concert.   Halloween-sized candy bars during the night.  When several folks started stepping on my feet and crowding onto our blanket, I was ready to call it a night.  Being responsibly old,  our friends who drove us and another couple, stood up when it seemed to be winding down.   When you step around hundreds of forty-somethings- I think it prudent to flee the stoned crowd. Some parrots aren’t pretty when they are passing out in Paradise.




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