Mourning Las Vegas

A lunatic with no history, we know of,  for violence has killed almost sixty and wounded more than five hundred party-goers to a country music festival last night.  Mass-murder is a specialization of the twisted nature that human beings have become all too familiar.

However, evil does not wear labels so we can confront them.  Anywhere you look, there are people who cause pain to others.    If it were only that simple to legislate away evil.  Dispose of guns,  lobotomize the violent, incarcerate and forget rapists, thieves, and terrorists.  The horribly empty character, and wanton destructive impulses of people, and their harried victims of these crimes, is nothing that can be prevented by human reason.  It may be hindered by eliminating “freedom” but that victimizes the innocent more than prevents evil.

This is a war in another plane of existence.  Where there is an emptiness in the human soul, there is room for evil to occupy it.    Just as gravity is a force we cannot see but can see its effects,  LOVE is a force that we can see its effects.   Love comforts, heals, and can turn enemies into friends.

I pray that the love and comfort of Jesus Christ, through millions of compassionate people comes quickly to those affected by violence, disaster, and ill health.



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