when a dog rescued a politician

via NATIONAL CHECKERS DAY AND DOGS IN POLITICS DAY – September 23 | National Day Calendar  

At the big box pet store today,  I saw several dogs being offered for adoption, hosted by a dog charity/fostering organization.   The disastrous events of the last few weeks in the Caribbean, have created just as large an animal crisis  as a humanitarian crisis.   I did my part last year with the adoption of Comet.  But now the shelters have to make room for the thousands of affected animals.

nixon-and-timahoeWhat about the tens of thousands who are living with impending disaster? What can be done for the people in Puerto Rico or the dozen places leveled or severely affected?  Since politicians cannot act upon anything decently and without giving it blank check, charities have been on the ground helping by providing capable volunteers.    And then in the midst of all this,  I read today about a politician, Richard Milhous Nixon, who sixty-five years ago made all sorts of headlines involving an ethics scandal and a puppy he received.   All the hay that was made over actions that today seem so tame by comparison.  Once impeachable offenses, over time the country cynically adapted to what  politicians have been doing – and worse.    I still think that was one pampered pooch after the whole deal with the press.

1952-nixon-checkers-2I wonder whatever happened to that dog?





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