DSC_0014Do dogs have a sense of time?   Do they know when we depart for work in the morning only to return nine or ten hours later that it has been all day?   I know I tell time by my computer’s Outlook calendar and my timecard  report each day.   I bracket my day by a particular project meeting, telephone call,  or email regarding a late status report.   What do dogs use?  It certainly seems when we leave but perhaps return five, ten, or thirty minutes later  Comet and Dexter greet me the same as if we were gone all day.   Do they mark time by their walks?    

Were it only that simple.  There are days at work that fly by.  Deadlines, reports,  transferring work from one building to another,  building equipment up, tearing down, ordering and then to expedite, personally going to get the supply person to issue me that part.  Installing parts.  A day flies by when I am focused on production.  Deadlines. And blink.  It is time to go home.   By the time I set the Friday afternoon “Off Work”  on my computer  I am ready to bolt for the door.

At the end of the day and at home, two joyously happy faces are waiting for me to come home, put my keys down, pick up their leashes and then go back out.  Whatever my week  or the afternoon commute dishes out,  does not matter to the two happy faces that greet me when I get home.  TGIF!   It’s Friday.


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