eating disorder

When Comet eats too fast, he sometimes hacks and spits out a few chunks of dry chow he inhaled.   Dexter doesn’t seem to have that problem.  He is picky, methodical and savors his food – if Comet gives him room to do so.  But they are also given to shenanigans.  At home,  my wife’s routine is to give them something to eat, while I am the one who takes them on walks.  So when I give them food and they suck it down,  and Sheri later comes into the kitchen, they play the bowl ‘bell-ringer’ (food bowl is empty) game – or at least, Dexter does.  DSC_0014

That’s probably why I loosened the belly straps on their halters recently.    But the dogs aren’t the only ones with a foodie passion.    The Mister of the house is one that needs to back away at mealtime, between-meal time, and the snacks.   I have written before about food allergies and the negative effects that some previously-loved dishes had on me.   So as a result, I no longer eat several types of dishes, and carry some antihistamines with me in the event I eat unintentionally some food with these ingredients.    We have changed a lot of the food in the house to healthier home-cooked meals, and fresh meat, chicken, barbecue, vegetables and fruit.

Given my medical history, my “battle-scarred” digestion, and some reasonable intellect, you might think that eating would become more of  “just enough for sustenance” rather than the eating binges.   Nope.   However, the intensity is less, and the frequency,  days – now two or three times a year rather than weeks,  when I am reminded that I may not react allergically, but still issues make it seem like ulcers are flaring.  Today was one of those days.

I really need to drop this bad relationship.   Eating to savor and not savoring eating.