the doggie works

If you go long enough without a bath, even the fleas will leave you alone.  Ernie Pyle

There is a certain quality about a dog, that tends to imbue itself in the entirety of the home over a period of time.  And it is both to the good fortune of the human residents as it is to the detriment, of the occasional visitor, that one’s sense of smell is quite sharp when first presented with an aroma, but then the aroma becomes imperceptible over longer exposure. DSC_0014

Both of our dogs got a treat today.   It is normally impossible to schedule a grooming for either dog during the week, as I have nobody to either drop off, pick up or drop AND pick up with our work schedules and commutes.  But  I am taking the rest of the week off, after our mountain retreat this week,  to get several things on my to-do list accomplished.  As it has been SIX MONTHS since last I had either dog groomed,  and the pile of shed hair was hard NOT to notice in the hallway – we have white tile floors (that came with the house) – this was the first order of the day.   This morning, with both dogs very excited to get their morning walk,  I took both of them on a bee-line walk to the groomers a few blocks away.    The other motivation was to get a good walk to calm the beasts ahead of the appointment.   And,  after the Man got his morning exercise too, to visit the donut shop which just happens to be next door to our destination!

I love the groomers, “Cat n’ Doggie Works“, not just for their location, or the donut shop,   but also how the dogs are pampered there.   I had taken Comet only once previously to a groomer, at one of those big-box pet stores, and the experience was not a good one for dog nor groomer.   At mid-day, both are back home, resting.    With a little ( or a lot) of Febreze, or perhaps an evening laundering of the dog pillows, there should be only pleasing smells for the next few days at home. DSC_0015

Which is fortunate for our guests tomorrow evening.   We are having a few young couples from church over to dine with us.  And I want the aroma of the food, especially the barbecue, to be the aroma they remember.






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