Fish breath

Over a bowl of Poki, which for the unfamiliar diner, is bowl of various choices of seafood, rice and sauces, I realize it has been a few days since my last post.  I purposely came out to the food court today when the company cafeteria was overflowing. Nothing really appealed to a guy who would have preferred a PB & J sandwich had I remembered to make it this morning.  But the new Poki place changed my mind.  My wife introduced me to this “fastfood” sushi about a month ago. It sounds like good bloggers fare as seafood is touted for brain health.

On the other hand, I demurred feeding Comet or Dexter a specialty dog chow with salmon protein – in favor of turkey, lamb or chicken. Fishy breath greeted me this morning when I bent down to tie my shoelaces.  I don’t think poki would enhance the experience!


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