Watering hole

8eb8845e682dc78e2a8a97cefffd4bceYears ago, I saw a cartoon by Larson – I think printed on a card – where in the yard a dog was drinking from a hose and his wife was standing in a door scolding that ‘he was going out with the boys again’.     In preparation for our walks,  there’s a ritual that Dexter – and sometimes Comet throw themselves into – a quick gleaning of the food bowl and slurping water from the water bucket.  Prior to that, both will follow my every move from setting down my work bag, to putting on or off shoes, going from one side of the house to the other.  And as soon as I go for the leashes  Dexter goes to his bowl.   Once we are off on the walk,  Dexter is all about finding and introducing himself to people  or people with dogs, or just the dogs out walking, even if  small  dogs are snarling.   At him?  He obviously doesn’t mind. On the other hand, unless there is something really distracting,  Comet is much more about his business.  He reserves socializing for the dog park.

Thankfully, when I get a little “tanked” – it’s at special occasions – at an event and not beforehand.   The socializing last night that my human friends and I did at a watering hole  was a gathering to celebrate a birthday.  It was a surprise (although it is an annual gathering)  that the honoree’s wife, another friend and I conspired together to surprise him.    Of course, when you are a group of disciples of Jesus,  and in middle age,  “tanked” is normally one beer ( and a late night winds up at 8:30 PM!).  Most of us have known each other for twenty or more years, and our kids grew up together,  so we are more family than most families.   It’s a gathering to laugh,  talk sports, or tools, or even the trials and successes of raising teens.

And though I did leave a jacket behind when I left,  the proprietors are probably happiest  that their patrons leave tips and not a ‘calling card’  after a good time.   I am glad that we are men and not dogs.   The little baggies I bring on my dog-walks are a necessity to “leave nothing but footprints” behind.



  1. Isn’t it funny how well our pets anticipate us and the little routines they set up? I have a colleague who has a puppy which often comes to work with her. I swear the dog can tell time because half an hour before lunch and half an hour before home time she either starts whining or squeaking her squeaky toy in anticipation, jumping up in her kennel every time we go in to the kennel room.

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  2. i would have replied earlier but two faces – one up in mine and giving me that “look” were telling me, “walk first!” I had bribed them with some leftover chicken earlier; that gave me enough time to kick my shoes off for a bit.


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