dog-pee-urine-sampleThere’s nothing quite like the feeling, whether dog or man, of that first morning after being ill, when a cautious appetite returns and though woozy — when one has not eaten for two full days but for a midnight cup of chicken broth.  The day is going to get better.

While dogs seem to have no effort in consuming water day and night,  a recalcitrant patient did, so the glasses of water were proffered continually.  And as all good things go in, so it must come out.  Only celebratory for recovering sick and the nurse -spouse who tends him.

Yet I remain cautious.  The same gastric problem that was triggered by capsicum ( chili pepper ‘heat’ apparently can be triggered by other things – sleep aid medicine – without the other side effects of hives or similar ills.  To be a dog who can eat virtually anything that they don’t otherwise want to roll in  – may not be desired but my aging constitution would certainly like a little more leeway.

Work seems to be a trigger for health problems.  Or rather,  caring “too much” about work seems to trigger stress-induced gastric disorders.  But there’s darn few occupations that do not come with stress.  Maybe the trash man or a civil servant at the building permits office encounter less stress.   Perhaps stress is necessary, so walking the dogs, enjoying a holiday, or reaching that milestone “retirement date” is so enjoyable.



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