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There’s a lot of great smells in the house this morning to wake up to.  For the last couple mornings I woke earlier- to an alarm clock – as my co-worker and I were carpooling.  I have a small victory this morning as I slept in longer than usual.  We all have our coping strategies for long days at work, and the early-morning dread of opening the work email.  Sheri cooks and exercises. I take walks and water my garden.  On the days that I awake to Sheri in the kitchen, making stew in the crockpot or little bacon -egg cups,  both Dexter and Comet  at her heels tracking her every move.   I am an afterthought; on these mornings there is no cold nose prodding me. “Walkie time!”

A few moments later they hear me stumbling toward the dresser and it is “Game On!”  This morning we complete the  mile or mile and a quarter hustle around the neighborhood.   I should be concerned about getting the commute started.  I’m not.   It is all about the Now.  Dogs do not worry about such trivial things as work.  Wednesdays are great smell days, post-walk biscuits, little naps and perchance an opportunity to bark at the dog next door.  Life is good.






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