Friday night at the Denny’s

My father-in-law is an amazing octogenarian.  When he drives into town – about every six months or so – Phil, my wife and I  have a tradition of having a meal together at the same Denny’s restaurant outside San Diego.   He has a zest for life that belies his years, which is not remarkable as he has been a ‘people’  person all his life.   Half of his life he has been in sales and still is a sales trainer for the insurance industry; here in the Denny’s all the staff remember him.   He keeps the waitresses and waiters smiling.  It’s a duty and a responsibility he says to leave people feeling good.

Tonight was no exception.  In the course of engaging the waitress, Phil drew her out.  Positive view of age,  large families and outlook on life even at the advanced years are all key to good living.   And my father-in-law may finally be turning the corner on health issues.  Like a tank that keeps on moving forward, Phil has endured heart bypass surgeries,  pills, regimens and ills that would fell lesser men.  His drive gets me exhausted and I have envied the ability to just get out and go for a cross-country trek.  He drives from state to state visiting family and friends all throughout the year.

For a man married twice, with family, friends  and extended family all over the country he can visit for a day or two everywhere in a trek from the Chicago area to Deep South and west to the coast of Southern California.  On this trip, it is remarkable that he has lost weight, gained zest, and is much healthier-looking.  Maybe there really is something to the pills, powders and alkali water systems he has offered me over the years.



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