Noah’s First Choice

“The trees in Siberia are miles apart, that is why the dogs are so fast”. – Bob Hope

The biblical story of the Noah and the end of the Great Flood in Genesis Chapter  8 tells that he sent out from the Ark a raven and then a dove to find dry land.  Apparently a raven was unsuitable as it – according to Edgar Allen Poe – was best suited for perching above doorways.  A dove was  able to find a branch but anyone who has dealt with doves or pigeons knows they might make decent messengers but really are quite messy.  Probably Noah wasn’t too unhappy that it didn’t come back.  While there may be no mention of it in Biblical literature, his first choice might have been to pick a dog to find a patch of exposed dirt.  Anyone who has seen a dog closed up all day in an apartment, knows that the things a dog wants desperately to do, in order:  PEE!;  poop;  find a nice patch of dirt to scratch or lay in.  Ten months in a vessel that housed every kind of creature would have made Rover mad to get out of that boat!   Why there’s no mention of this in Scripture is probably due to the dog actually found its way to San Diego.  Surfing, dog-friendly beaches, dog-parks and eleven months of sunshine most years.  And we also know that Noah would not have taken shore-leave in Sailor-towns like Norfolk, Virginia where it was once posted “dogs and Sailors keep off the grass”.


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