Canine Wisdom

“Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Every day I wake at 5 AM to get the morning routine underway. After I stumble out of bed, usually Comet is first to greet me.  It truly is something startling to have a large dog bounce his head and paws into my chest.  Dexter and Comet follow me back to the kitchen while I start the water for coffee. And reversing course, they follow me to the bedroom and the bathroom.  Once I have all my clothes on but for shoes, Dexter the linebacker stands between Comet and me as I struggle to lace up between dog kisses and big bushy hind parts.

“DON’T DISTRACT HIM!”,  Dexter is implying to Comet.  I tend to get “distracted” by preparations for the day before I ever get out the door for the appointed time of the ‘walkie’..

Some mornings we have time to take a long walk in the pre-dawn.  At other times, it is a quick trip to the bush on the opposite side of my street, down the block a 100 yards and back to the house.  I would have a difficult time with my sink ritual given that sort of timetable.

And the dogs always look so confused by the work week.  What could possibly be so important that the humans have to go out of the house each day without their puppy?   I have put the car into drive and headed out – and having forgotten my cell phone return to the house several minutes later  they are still at the front door expecting my return.

My life as imagined by a dog must be a series of  little adventures,  a trip to the neighbors bushes, flowers, and weedy patches,  nosing around freshly dug gopher holes, and a visit to the park perhaps.  If  life was lived properly there would be more time for walks, for play, and for naps.



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