I’m a dog monitor

A funny ad currently on TV shows a group of robbers who enter a bank. The guy in the guard uniform just stands there as the customers hit the floor. “Do something!”, one customer says.
“Oh, no I’m not a security guard, I’m a security monitor. I inform you if there is a robbery.
“There’s a robbery.”

At lunch today another couple, my wife and I talked at one point about our dogs, pack behavior, and behavior training.  There’s a guy on TV that is generally known as the Dog Whisperer.  He has a program that helps people understand and correct behavior issues with their dogs.

2012 Winter TCA Tour - Day 10

I’ve never seen it, but I know of the trainer from other programs in the media.   What is obvious, is that I – as the pack leader – need to establish a training regimen and to learn how to train my dogs more consistently and thoroughly.


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