Comet’s got a bread habit

” life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” –  Forrest Gump , (1994)

The Evidence

A shelter dog such as Comet came with a disclaimer that his history was unknown.  After a few warning signs, we know now that he has a bread habit.

The warning signs were there.  A Subway six-inch BMT was carelessly left for a few minutes on the coffee table; the remnants were left on the patio.  A second sandwich, the next day equally vanished. (That particular human has a slower learning curve).

Over a couple weeks now,  a loaf of bread, some cheese rolls, and today, a couple hot dog buns: the bags were nibbled somewhat and left in the living room.  In the interim, the other warning signs — the dog has the munchies ( his food bowl has to have a few  in-between meal dry chow bits, he wolfs down a couple of biscuits for being “a good boy”,  and even though he sleeps a lot, he has bursts of energy on our long walks).  The darker warning signs,  eating too fast and coughing it back up a couple times now.  Perhaps he is flirting with bulimia?

Informal diagnosis:

Comet is self-medicating.  I briefly surfed the web and search found a pet website ( and a couple of probable Russian or Ukrainian hacker sites) that indicated a diagnosis speaking to eating bread.   Comet may be eating prohibited items and needs to expel them by dietary bread intake !?


The attached photo accompanies an article from the website, PetMd <“”&gt;

It makes the case that bread is to help the dog pass something difficult to digest.

Regardless of this habitual bread-doper dog’s issues, we have to fix it.  I’m currently shopping for an old-fashioned, bread box, like my grandma used to have … Anyone have one to sell?





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