sleeping dogs and other idioms

It was the coffee I recently ordered that shook a sleeping dog in my conscience. Like the poor schmuck on an old television game show, Let’s Make a Deal, I was tempted to find out “What’s behind door Number 2?” once again. (If you recall the game show, there was always a goat or a lifetime supply of plastic flamingos behind one of three doors the one the contestant invariably picked.) In my case, I did not make a scene with the new employee and have to wait even longer. It seemed like such a simple thing: hot coffee with a splash of cream. What I got was half a large cup of cream with a little coffee for color. My wife helped keep that hounddog snoozing away.

Then there is that one guy who should not be “barking up the wrong tree.” I am driving with my spouse, waiting to make a U-turn at the turn lane. Like at any traffic light today, there are at least 3 drivers who nonchalantly block traffic. they rushed the light change and prevented other traffic from moving. I was waiting to make my turn safely. The guy behind me honked impatiently at me. My inner dog started to growl; my wife apologized for him. I made the turn to let him proceed around everyone. I felt pretty self-congratulatory for my self-control. Why am I irritated hours later?

I am too much like a “dog with a bone” today. Let it go!


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